Main Features

Full solution RTB marketing platform


Self-Serve Platform

Built for advertisers and agencies as a self-service cloud based marketing platform providing access to real-time bidding (RTB) inventory on all major media exchanges in addition to smart automated marketing solutions.


Data Management Platform

Enhancing Impression metadata by using our very own user profiling and behavioral algorithms in addition to 3rd party user data.


Programmatic Creative

Our platform relies on programmatic creative technology to automatically tailor every aspect of an ad to suit your target audience, allowing for most relevant targeting and better conversions rate.


Reach & Scale

Over 20 billion impressions available every day! Multiple sophisticated algorithms which support optimal scale while maintaining KPIs.


Built for advertisers and agencies as a self-serve cloud based marketing platform

  • Access over 20B daily impressions
  • Cross device targeting
  • Real Time reporting
  • Advanced targeting and user profiling
Demand Side Platform
  • DSP
  • Data Management Platform

    Smart bidding algorithm based on focused conversion predictions per target audience.

    • Time-To-Convert prediction
    • Audience profiling
    • machine learning based similarity analysis
    • Re-Targeting
    Programmatic Creative
  • Data Management Platform
  • Programmatic Creative

    Take advantage of media's most prominent business trend, and empowers your internal advertising teams.

    • Altering videos and images automatically Platform's suggestions of banner matching for every campaign
    • Auto A/B Testing
    • Dynamic banners updating with data layers
    Programmatic Creative
  • Programmatic Creative
    • About


      Smart Bid is a unique marketing solution platform empowering advertising teams.
      A one-stop shop taking advantage of proprietary technology to analyze and reach the right audience with the right creative at the right time.

      We help advertisers deliver hyper-targeted ads across any device.
      Our platform automatically creates the best creative based on user profiling, and measures ad success with real-time analytics.

      Smart Bid is a performance first platform designed and built to help you achieve your KPIs.
      Our algorithms enable you to harness huge amounts of data for customized and highly relevant online marketing campaigns.

      Are you ready to see how can change the way you reach customers?

      Contact us to learn more.

      Igal Alon 94, Tel-Aviv, Israel